Jan. 6, 1947: Artist Dies While Hanging From Ceiling to Ease Spinal Pain

Aggie Mack, Jan. 6, 1947

Note: This is a post I wrote in 2006 for the 1947project.

Jan. 6, 1947: Charles Clyde Atchison, 66, a sculptor and stone mason, had back problems—at least that’s what he told his sister Leona of 1110 W. 30th St. So he made a padded wooden collar and used it to hang by a rope from a pipe in his room at 6415 Loma Vista Ave., in Bell.

Jan. 6, 1947, Stretching Spine
That’s where the landlady, Alma B. Riek, found him. Bell Police Chief W.B. Steele says Atchison’s feet apparently slipped from a chair as he was adjusting his homemade device.

Atchison’s family helped settled Kansas and the city was named for them. He is also survived by another sister, Eula Porter of Birmingham, Ala.

Bonus factoid: Dmitri Shostakovich is nominated to the Supreme Soviet.

Second bonus factoid: There are 400 trailer parks within 25 miles of City Hall and more are being built in this new phenomenon.

Quote of the day: “Girls never gave me much of a break and I’ve got it in for them.”

Unidentified teenager nicknamed “Jack the Clipper” arrested in Santa Monica for sneaking up behind women and cutting their hair. He was perhaps a copycat of the more famous “Jack the Clipper” in Washington, D.C.

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