Black L.A. 1947: Mary Lou Williams ‘Waltz Boogie’

Jan. 21, 1947, Los Angeles Sentinel

“Leon Wheaton of 1011 E. 43rd Place, Los Angeles, one of the latest local victims of police brutality,” in a photo published Jan. 2, 1947, in the Los Angeles Sentinel.  Unfortunately, there is no further information in the Sentinel about this incident.


Jan. 2, 1947: The Sentinel calls Mary Lou Williams “Waltz Boogie” “a fantastic concoction.” On the other side, “Humoresque. “Mary Lou’s present piano style leans more to Tatum than to Hines. But it is still rich, dark and exciting,” the Sentinel says.

Also check out Jimmie Lunceford’s “Them Who Has – Gets” and “Shut-Out”; and Herbie Fields’ “Blue Fields” and “A Huggin’ and a Chalkin’

Finally, there’s Meade “Lux” Lewis’ “Be Ba Ba Le Ba Boogie.”

Note: For those who just tuned in, we’re going to reboot the concept of the 1947project (founded by Kim Cooper and Nathan Marsak) by going day by day through 1947 – but using the Los Angeles Sentinel, an African American weekly, rather than the very white and very conservative Los Angeles Times. We promise you an extremely different view of Los Angeles.


(The historic Los Angeles Sentinel is available online from the Los Angeles Public Library. We encourage anyone with a library card to delve into the back issues and explore the history of black L.A.

Jan. 2, 1947, Rating the Records

Los Angeles Sentinel, 1947

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