Jan. 3, 1947: Actress Helen Walker Hurt in Crash That Kills Soldier, Injures 2 Others

Brenda Starr
Yes, this is the Jan. 2, 1947, comics page, which pops up for Jan. 3, 1947.

Note: This is a post that I wrote in 2006 for the 1947project.

This is one of those days where there’s too much to choose from:

image A streetcar at the junction of Sunset, Santa Monica and Sanborn west of Silver Lake Reservoir drags a pedestrian 160 feet, only stopping when other streetcar operators blow their whistles and people on the street begin yelling . . . an underground explosion at 9th Street and Grand blows tons of concrete, asphalt and overhead trolley cables into the street and sends manhole covers shooting into the air . . . at the inquest for his dead son, Jacob J. Satton tries to attack his estranged wife’s boyfriend, an 19-year-old AWOL soldier who is charged with beating the baby to death while Viola Satton was at work.

But then there’s Artie Shaw: Three convictions for speeding in 1944, three convictions for speeding in 1945, five traffic convictions—and a warning—in 1946. Now the DMV wants to take Shaw’s license.

Bonus factoid: Gov. Earl Warren declares Jan. 5 as George Washington Carver Day.

Quote of the day: “We cannot negotiate when Viet Nam snipers are firing at French officials.”
An unidentified French spokesman rejecting peace overtures from Ho Chi Minh.


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2 Responses to Jan. 3, 1947: Actress Helen Walker Hurt in Crash That Kills Soldier, Injures 2 Others

  1. James Scott says:

    This was the end of Helen Walker’s career.


  2. Sheila says:

    The photo in the old clipping looks nothing like Helen Walker. More like Susan Peters!


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