Black Dahlia: 5 Reasons Leslie Dillon Didn’t Kill Elizabeth Short

Leslie Dillon

Leslie Dillon in an undated photo, probably taken in the late 1940s.


imageMy inbox is exploding with alerts about Piu Eatwell “solving” the Black Dahlia case by attributing it to Leslie Duane Dillon. Here are five simple reasons that Dillon did not kill Elizabeth Short:

5. Leslie Dillon was cleared by police after an exhaustive investigation.

4. Leslie Dillon had no connection to Mark Hansen, the business manager at the Florentine Gardens. (For those who are new to the Black Dahlia case, Elizabeth Short stayed at Mark Hansen’s home while she was in Hollywood).

3. Leslie Dillon did not have advanced medical training, which the killer of Elizabeth Short displayed in cutting her body in half.  (Dillon worked at a funeral home in Oklahoma City for three weeks — as an ambulance driver.)

2. Leslie Dillon had no connection to Elizabeth Short.

1. Leslie Dillon was absolutely, positively in San Francisco when Elizabeth Short was killed.

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5 Responses to Black Dahlia: 5 Reasons Leslie Dillon Didn’t Kill Elizabeth Short

  1. Very compelling. Need to check with Wikipedia ;). In the meantime, Merry Christmas to you and to all who stalk these pages.


  2. James Scott says:

    A new book and a new accusation will appear every few months until someone accuses the actual killer. You know, like the infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters.


  3. William Desmond Taylor says:

    I’m waiting for updates about and samples from *your* own Black Dahlia book! Pretty please!

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