Movieland Mystery Photo – Special Edition

Mystery Photo

Alan K. Rode sends along this undated mystery photo taken at the Warner Bros. commissary, showing Michael Curtiz, right, Howard Hawks, center, and a mystery fellow on the left. Any help in identifying our mystery chap would be much appreciated.

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9 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo – Special Edition

  1. B.J. Merholz says:

    Interesting hand signal your mystery man is flashing the photographer.


  2. Anne Papineau says:

    Ben Kingsley


  3. Gary Martin says:

    He certainly looks like playwright Thornton Wilder.


  4. Bruce Reznick says:

    Kind of looks like the actor Bob Balaban, whose uncle Barney Balaban was President of Paramount. From what I can read on wikipedia (yes, I know), the Balaban brothers were in the business. Maybe it’s one of them.


  5. tucsonbarbara says:

    Don’t laugh, but he kinda sorta looks like Ben Hecht. Mr. Hecht, however, didn’t wear glasses.


  6. mandymarie20 says:

    I feel like I’ve seen this before. Wish I could remember who the third person was.


  7. Diane Ely says:

    Maybe it was the commissary manager (sans apron).


  8. Howard Decker says:

    The day you posted this I thought it looked like Ben Hecht, too. but I thought that was too obvious. I looked on the Great G*D Goog and found a photo of him with glasses, reading a radio script into a mike. Hummm.
    PS Wordmess is worthless. I can’t use my new email address because WP knows better. I hate Yahphew but WP wants me to keep it forever. Aaaaargh.


  9. SylviaE says:

    I still don’t know who the mystery man is, but I did locate 2 other photos (via google) taken the same day in the same general location and all 3 include Michael Curtiz wearing the suit he’s wearing in your photo. One photo includes Ingrid Bergman and Hal B. Wallace. The other photo has Ms. Bergman, Geraldine Fitzgerald and some others. Perhaps the photos are from a WB studio luncheon for the wrapping of or the release of Casablanca?? Does that info help anyone with who the mystery man is?


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