Google Fail: This Woman Is Not Tabitha Babbitt


Not Tabitha Babbitt
Does this woman look like a Quaker who died in the 19th century? Probably not. But Google thinks so. Here’s the story.

Ruth Wakefield

This is Ruth Wakefield, credited with inventing chocolate chip cookies.

Lesley Voth

She appeared in a 2013 blog post by Lesley Voth on women inventors.

Circular Saw

Voth also wrote about Tabitha Babbitt, who is credited with inventing the circular saw. There are no known photos of Babbitt, so Voth used a picture of a circular saw blade.

Then something amazing happened. All the spam websites the scrape the internet identified Ruth Wakefield as Tabitha Babbitt.

As in…

Not Tabitha Babbitt

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2 Responses to Google Fail: This Woman Is Not Tabitha Babbitt

  1. Howard Decker says:

    That’s nothing — Don Knotts and Little Donnie Trumpf are the same person, only nobody has noticed it yet. Law en Order, and all that.


  2. SMM says:

    Man! Finally someone else that is complaining about pinning the wrong photographs. It is done a lot to women inventors. They switch names or put random people. Like Tabitha, Maria Beasley, Mary Anderson, Margaret Eloise Knight or Ruth Wakefield, etc.. At least if they would put random paintings of women in the correct time period! I really find it unfair to the inventor and the picture people just copy and past. Are society really likes lies, because Google is just reading the tags that people have made. Nobody investigates when they write about these people, they just go with the sheep herd. I have a youtube channel about forgotten inventors or adventurers and I take days and sometimes weeks to investigate the person. I hate false info or what people believe or Imagen as a truth.
    Anyways, sorry, I had to get it off my chest because it really bothers me.


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