Black Dahlia: Matthew Mezger, My No. 1 Troll, Is Dead

Matthew Mezger obituary
I hadn’t gotten any brickbats from Mr. Mezger in a couple of years and wondered whether I successfully blocked him everywhere or whether something had happened to him. I decided to Google him and found that he died of cancer in 2012. It is unfortunate that someone who was obviously a smart individual squandered his brainpower on personal attacks and cyber-stalking. He was obsessed with the notion that the nonexistent “Ed Burns” of “Severed” fame killed Elizabeth Short, and was incredibly hostile, superior and vitriolic to anyone who disagreed with him.

A sample of Mr. Mezger’s finest, from 2011:

Hey, Larry, are you off the hook? Are you free to finally apologize to Jack Pico, regain your manhood, and help us force LAPD’s hand on the Short murder? Without your big newspaper impramatur behind your blog, you don’t look very tough. But are you free to tell the truth, or must  you still toe the banal  company line.

The full obituary is here.

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1 Response to Black Dahlia: Matthew Mezger, My No. 1 Troll, Is Dead

  1. Eve says:

    Isn’t it . . . odd . . . when a blood enemy dies? A man who made my life hell 30-some years ago (professionally, not romantically) died recently. No one would tell me where or when his funeral was, as if I would show up with a brass band or something. Like I have that kind of money . . .


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