Black Friday Special — An Aluminum Christmas Tree From 1959!

Oct. 11, 1959, Aluminum Christmas Tree

To all who long for a “kinder simpler time” and say that today’s retailers start their Christmas sales too early, here is the May Co. ad for aluminum Christmas trees, which was published Oct. 11, 1959, well before Halloween. (You see, nothing has really changed, has it?)

And for $39.98 on sale, you could buy “A wonderfully gay musical tree stand in white or gold.”

Adjusted for inflation, that aluminum Christmas tree cost $300 in 2014 dollars. The tree stand was $326.21.

From 2010: “Oh Tin-Enbaum.”

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2 Responses to Black Friday Special — An Aluminum Christmas Tree From 1959!

  1. beachgal says:

    I hated them even when they first came out in ’57 – my sister bought one and put it as a display tree in her living room picture window and put Mamie Eisenhower pink frosted balls on it. That tree lasted 2 yrs before she donated it. Even she, who had been a fan of them at first, didn’t like it after those first 2 years – they were tacky even when they were in style for that short time.


  2. LC says:

    We had an aluminum tree, complete with the color wheel that made it change colors, it was neat, for a couple of years, then into its box it went, didn’t see it for years, when we pulled it out years later it had basically disintegrated. Then flocked trees became the fad. Now it’s only green trees for me!


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