On Location in Downtown Los Angeles — 1930

“For the Defense” is one of the old Paramount films now controlled by Universal.

For the Defense

As part of its pre-code marathon, TCM recently aired “For the Defense,” a 1930 Paramount film starring William Powell and Kay Francis.

And at the 10-minute mark we find this exterior of a fancy hotel with a doorman and a revolving door.


For the Defense

William Powell and Kay Francis with our mystery revolving door.

For the Defense
Here’s another shot showing the front of the hotel – not so mysterious now.

For the Defense

Could it be?

For the Defense
No doubt about it.

Biltmore Hotel

It’s the Olive Street entrance of the Biltmore Hotel.

Image of the Biltmore via Google Street View.

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6 Responses to On Location in Downtown Los Angeles — 1930

  1. Eve says:

    Oh, I saw that! Wild horses could not keep me away from a William Powell/Kay Francis movie.

    Though as always, I maintain that any movie–ANY MOVIE–could be improved if it starred Jimmy Durante and Lupe Velez.


  2. Sam Flowers says:

    William Powell movies are the best. Thanks to TCM i think I have seen just about all of them.


  3. Benito says:

    1. In the early thirties Kay Francis had very short hairdos and always dressed to impress.
    2. That’s a great town car too.


  4. Jeannie Weller Cooper says:

    Yes, the Biltmore looks much better with William Powell and Kay Francis in front of it.


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