Time to Turn the Clocks Back!

Pier Angelia

On behalf of the L.A. Daily Mirror, Pier Angeli and little friend remind you that Daylight Saving Time is o-ver. Or as William Safire used to say: “Fall is the time of year that conservatives like best because they get to turn the clock back.”

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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3 Responses to Time to Turn the Clocks Back!

  1. Eve says:

    “And if you don’t turn your clocks back,” sneers Pier Angeli’s demonic hell hound, “I am pointing my cloven paw toward 2:00, which is when you will wake up to find me at the foot of your bed!”


  2. Gretchen says:

    This particular conservative is usually incensed at the beginning OR end of Standard Time because “Daylight Savings Time” is one of my pet language peeves. Even most journalists make the error — but you don’t. Thanks for that.


    • Eve says:

      Oh, honey, I scream at the radio every morning when the traffic reporter mispronounces “Van Wyck Expressway,” so I know how you feel. My downstairs neighbors wonder why I yell “Wyck! WYCK!” every day.

      Except I never got to sleep last night . . . Pier’s Hell Hound haunted me . . .


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