Alice Cooper Knits 180 Pairs of Socks

Oct. 2, 1944, Comics
Oct. 2, 1944, Knitter
Oct. 2, 1944

A 93-year-old Glendora woman says that she has knitted 180 pairs of socks and 12 sweaters for servicemen since Pearl Harbor. “I should know how. I took my first lesson in knitting 85 years ago,” says Mrs. Alice Cooper.

Premiering at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre: “Abroad With Two Yanks, starring William Bendix, Dennis O’Keefe and Helen Walker.

Oct. 2, 1944, Knitter


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2 Responses to Alice Cooper Knits 180 Pairs of Socks

  1. Eve says:

    No one else is going to make an Alice Cooper joke, really? You’re going to leave it up to me?


  2. mandymarie20 says:

    How awesome is that? Go Alice Cooper! I wish we could do things like this today. Now organizations just want money.


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