Man Kidnaps Woman in Attempted Murder-Suicide


Sept. 26, 1944, Comics

738 S. Mariposa Ave., via Google Street View.

Sept. 26, 1944

Mrs. Lilliam Bohny, 35, of 738 S. Mariposa Ave. was in her nightgown and housecoat, being shown some sweaters by sweater salesman Robert Lang when William E. Andrews, 34, an insurance adjustor  from Oakland, barged in and dragged Bohny away.

The Times reported that Andrews drove to Malibu, where he tried to drown Bohny her and himself by wading into the ocean. Bohny escaped and was picked up on the highway by two Seabees who took her to the Malibu Sheriff’s Station.

Deputies William Jordan and K.O. Sherman arrested Andrews, who was struggling in the surf, fully dressed. He was charged with kidnapping.

Note: This is not actress 1930s Billie Love, whose real name was Lillian Bohny Willat.

Coming soon! “The Seventh Cross,” starring Spencer Tracy, plus Bob Crosby in “The Singing Sheriff.”

Sept. 26, 1944, Seventh Cross

Sept. 26, 1944, Kidnapping

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