Wife Stabs Venice Man to Death, Sept. 12, 1944

Sept. 12, 1944, comics

Sept. 12, 1944, Killing

Sept. 12, 1944

Charles Holdren, 45, lived at 1515 Trolleyway, Venice, with his wife, Ellen, and daughters from a previous marriage: Virginia, 20, Peggy, 18, and Lois, 13. He worked as a fish cutter and after Charles and Ellen had spent Sunday drinking heavily, he decided to go to bed.

Where he found his wife, Ellen, 44.

The Times said he “objected to her presence in bed when he started to retire.”

At the Wilshire-Ebell Theatre: Rainbow Rhapsody with ‘Spectratone.’


Sept. 14, 1944, Ellen Holdren

Or as Ellen put it:

“My husband kicked me out of bed and told me to sleep on the floor … then he twisted my arm and blacked my eye.”

According to The Times, Ellen laid down on the sofa, but one of her stepdaughters objected. Charles came into the living room and said his last words on Earth: “Get the hell off of there — you can sleep on the floor.”

He hit Ellen on the side of the face and twisted her arm, so she grabbed a fish knife from the kitchen table and stabbed him in the chest, The Times said.

Sept. 12, 1944, Burlesque

At the coroner’s inquest, Peggy Holdren gave a different account, saying that her stepmother “called her vile names and tried to take her bed.” Ellen hit Peggy  and Peggy said she fought back.

The coroner’s jury found that Charles had died at the hands of another and ruled that Ellen should be charged in the killing, but no further information is available in The Times.


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