Left in Car While Mother Goes Dancing, Boy, 6, Drinks Fatal Shot of Whiskey

Sept. 5, 1944, Comics


Harry Truman, friend of libraries!

Sept. 5, 1944

Maria Fierro of 879 1/2 Lookout Drive decided to go dancing with Robert Fierro (apparently her brother) and Robert Gomez at a cafe in the 4600 block of Brooklyn Avenue (now Cesar Chavez).

Because children weren’t allowed in the cafe, Stella Barrios, 13, and Maria’s 6-year-old son, Rudolfo, were left to wait outside in the car. Stella went to get a bottle of soda pop, but Rudolfo found a half-full bottle of whiskey in the car and drank enough to send him into convulsions. He died of alcohol poisoning, with a blood-alcohol content of 0.38%, The Times said.

All three adults were arrested on suspicion of manslaughter, but the charges were dropped.

The Gallup Poll reports that Republican presidential candidate Thomas E. Dewey has a slight edge, 51% to 49%, over President Roosevelt among registered voters who are certain that they will cast a ballot. Roosevelt, however, has a substantial lead among voters who are “fairly certain” or “not certain” of casting a ballot.

In the theaters: “Gypsy Wildcat.”


Sept. 5, 1944, Maria Fierro

Sept. 5, 1944, Gypsy Wildcat

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