1944 in Print — Hollywood News and Gossip by Louella Parsons, Sept. 4, 1944

Sept. 4, 1944, Comics

Sept. 4, 1944

Danton Walter says: Brazil and Colombia plan to cut coffee exports to the U.S. if the OPA price ceiling isn’t lifted … FDR has requested James Byrnes to hold up his resignation until after election day … Major radio stations have already made up their V-Day programs.

Louella Parsons says: “Kiss and Tell” is certainly launched in fine style with Shirley Temple as the star. Yes, that’s the news today. David O. Selznick has loaned her to the new independent production company headed by George Abbott, Sol C. Siegel and F. Hugh Herbert for their first picture. The release is through Columbia.

The controversial “Mildred Pearce” is again the center of controversy. Jack Warner is refusing to bring it to the screen until he is satisfied with the script, so it has been temporarily shelved. It’s so censorable it takes a bit of doing to adopt. Well this means Joan Crawford is again out of a picture, so she is taking a trip to New York until such time as there is a play ready. Jack has said he wants Joan to have a screenplay that is right for her and apparently he thinks “Mildred Pearce” isn’t.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer via Fultonhistory.com.

Sept. 4, 1944, Louella Parsons

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