1944 in Print — Hollywood News and Gossip by Louella Parsons, Sept. 3, 1944

Sept. 3, 1944, MGM Novel Award

“Green Dolphin Street” wins MGM’s annual novel award. The movie was released in 1947, starring Lana Turner and Van Heflin, directed by Victor Saville with a script by Samson Raphaelson.

Sept. 3, 1944

Louella Parsons is pushed off Page 1 of the Entertainment section by a review of Eugene Ormandy on a three-month conducting tour of Australia. Ormandy is the longtime conductor in Philadelphia, so it makes perfect sense.

Parsons says: Phil Terry, the tall bespectacled young man whose career took a terrific nose dive just before and after his marriage to Joan Crawford, is on the beam again. For no good reason, after Phil made “The Parson of Panamint” a success, he was never able again to get on his starring feet. He was put in “Sweater Girl,” a B picture and almost crowded out of “Wake Island,” an “AA.” In fact, you couldn’t see him unless you looked quickly.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer via Fultonhistory.com.

Sept. 3, 1944, Paulette Goddard

Sept. 3, 1944, Louella Parons

Sept. 3, 1944, Camera Angles

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2 Responses to 1944 in Print — Hollywood News and Gossip by Louella Parsons, Sept. 3, 1944

  1. juliemerholz says:

    The best thing about Green Dolphin Street is the song.


  2. Benito says:

    Yes, ridiculous implausible plot. But what about the impressive earthquake and flood, angry Maoris, Linda Christian as the native girl, Mont St. Michel…? It deserved technicolor, and should be colorized now.


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