1944 in Print — Hollywood News and Gossip by Louella Parsons, Aug. 29, 1944

Aug. 29, 1944, Comics

Aug. 29, 1944

You can never tell what our unpredictable movie heads are going to do when they decide they want a play. Jack Warner, for instance, has purchased the film rights to “The Visitor” before it even opened on Broadway or had a rehearsal. But he had a reason and, I think, a good one.

There’s really no news in Jean Arthur’s announcement she is not making any more pictures.

The beautiful home of Maurice Chevalier at Cannes has been destroyed by bombs.

Marlene Dietrich has informed her agent she won’t be able to fulfill picture commitments until 1945.

I wonder if you remember Robert Morley … while London was being bombed by robots [Robert] was undergoing an operation in a hospital when the building was hit. The operation was completed under great difficulties and he was taken to a safe place in the country to recuperate.

VIRGO: Excellent planetary influences for matters pertaining to investments, determining profits and carrying out responsible tasks, orders. Be optimistic in romance, home affairs.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer via Fultonhistory.com.


Aug. 29, 1944, Horoscope

Aug. 29, 1944, Louella Parsons

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