1944 in Print — Life Magazine, Aug. 7, 1944


Geraldine Fitzgerald was born in Dublin, Ireland, and is a product of that city’s famous Gate Theatre. Her initial appearance on Broadway in Shaw’s “Heartbreak House”  brought offers from all major Hollywood studios. Now under contract to Warner Bros., she is currently appearing in 20th Century-Fox’s lavish $5-million production of “Wilson.” As the second Mrs. Wilson, she handles with skill the role of a mature and dignified first lady.

Aug. 7, 1944

Geraldine Fitzgerald is the cover photo as Life features the rarely seen movie “Wilson.”

Lonnie Smith, a Houston dentist, casts a ballot after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that African Americans could not be barred from voting in Texas Democratic primaries.

Life reports on the unsuccessful July 20 bomb plot to kill Adolf Hitler.

This week’s photo essay by photographer Ralph Crane shows various techniques of making movies. Above, a set of what is identified as Warner Bros.’ remake of “The Petrified Forest.” Presumably this is “Escape in the Desert.”

From Google Books.

A photo in Life’s feature on “Wilson.” I’m assuming this is a still from the film, although its relationship to President Wilson seems a little vague.




Life’s coverage of the unsuccessful plot to kill Hitler.

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