1944 in Print — Life Magazine, July 31, 1944


The stony-faced Russian on the cover is Marshal Grigory (frequently rendered Georgi)  Zhukov, 49, sometime chief of operations of the Russian general staff and commander on the southern front. He wears at his neck Marshal’s Star; at upper left, two Orders of Suvorov; and at upper right the Gold Star as a Hero of the Soviet Union. Others: two Orders of Lenin, Order of the Red Banner, Stalingrad medal.

July 31, 1944

I’m a bit late in posting this issue….

At the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, President Roosevelt is nominated for an unprecedented fourth term. Vice President Henry Wallace, however, loses the nomination to Harry Truman, “a machine politician who has made a good Senate record and who had the blessing of President Roosevelt. Neither an extreme New Dealer nor an extreme conservative, he was promptly dubbed “The Missouri Compromise,” Life said.

Meet professor Alexander Ivanovich Petrunkevitch, Yale’s “spider man.”

In the movies this week: Linda Darnell.

Via Google Books.

July 31, 1944, Roosevelt
July 31, 1944, Hail the Conquering Hero
July 31, 1944, Linda Darnell

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