1944 in Print — Life Magazine, July 10, 1944


July 10, 1944

Adm. Chester Nimitz is the cover story this week.

A photo feature shows the work of jigsaw puzzle makers John N. Henriques and Francis Q. Ware, who make fiendishly difficult puzzles under the name Par.

Life also goes to the Republican National Convention (I have an upcoming post about the convention, in which California Gov. Earl Warren turned down the vice presidential nomination).

The movie of the week is “Double Indemnity.”

Scanned by Google Books.

'Double Indemnity'

Jigsaw Puzzle, Life Magazine

These photos of Par puzzles made me wonder if they were used for “Citizen Kane,” but it looks like the ones used in the movie came from a different manufacturer.

'Citizen Kane'


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One Response to 1944 in Print — Life Magazine, July 10, 1944

  1. Eve says:

    If you have never read James M. Cain’s Double Indemnity, do so! I won’t give away the jaw-dropping ending, but the book makes the movie look like a two-reel comedy.


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