Too Modern Times

Charlie Chaplin Modern Times

It is really sad when a certain hometown newspaper makes this sort of mistake, especially in a section that covers films. Not only is this famous horizontal photo run as a vertical; it’s also flopped.



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4 Responses to Too Modern Times

  1. Benito says:

    Just a reminder that A NOUS LA LIBERTE [1931], the movie that inspired MODERN TIMES and a related lawsuit, is on Turner Classic Movies at 6:45 pm PST tonight, 6/18/14.


    • Eve says:

      I am going to try and watch it, but their foreign films always have tiny white subtitles with no black backing. “Let’s come in out of the snow and talk in this plaid room,” they say, and by that time I have turned off the set.


  2. JAMES says:

    So maybe they’re going to run the entire movie this way. Sideways and flopped. Do you realize that if you flop Charlie Chaplin he looks like a right wing extremist?


  3. You can see the Los Angeles Times Building in the background of Modern Times.


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