1944 in Print — Hollywood News and Gossip, Louella Parsons, May 27, 1944

Carole Landis and William Eythe play cards.


May 27, 1944

HOLLYWOOD, May 26 — Ingrid Bergman is one of the few actresses who has all hits, all runs and no errors to her credit, so I am not surprised that Alfred Hitchcock has arranged with David Selznick to star her in “The House of Edwardes,” which I am told has turned out to be a great script. Well, Hitchy hasn’t done so bad on the matter of successful pictures and since I have seen “Gaslight” I shouldn’t think Ingrid would hesitate a moment to do another one of those shockers.

Speaking of Ingrid, I received a letter from Pvt. John Miller, who writes at length. He says of her: “Sometime when you have space in your column I wish you would give Ingrid Bergman a plug for the boys in Alaska. She could be the most aloof and important actress in Hollywood. Instead she came to us as one of the gang — dancing with all of us. She was like someone out of this world and most of us came nearer to peace and heaven when we were with her than we ever will until we leave Army life.”

From the Milwaukee Sentinel.



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  1. Earl Boebert says:

    Little Lance Reventlow grew up in late 1950s to hobnob with James Dean and underwrite the construction of the Scarab sports-racer, arguably one of the most beautiful automobiles ever made. I saw him drive when I was an SCCA corner worker back then.


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