Nazis Prepare for Invasion of Europe, May 14, 1944

May 14, 1944, How to Spot a B-25


May 14, 1944

The invasion of Europe is less than a month away. Even the Germans admit it.

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Movies in production: “Farewell, My Lovely,” “The House of Fear” and “A Stranger in Our Midst.”

Best Sellers: “The Robe,” “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,” “A Bell for Adano,” “Strange Fruit” and “Good Night, Sweet Prince.”

Book review: “The Red Cock Crows” by Francis Gaither. The story of a slave rebellion in the 1830s. A review in the Saturday Review, May 27, 1944.


May 14, 1944, Invasion of Europe

May 14, 1944, Movies in Production

May 14, 1944, Red Cock Crows
May 14, 1944, Best Sellers

May 14, 1944, Invasion of Europe

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