Black Dahlia: Photos and Newspaper Clippings on EBay



A large lot of Black Dahlia material, including newspaper clippings, several magazines, newspaper photos, etc., has been listed on EBay. Bidding is currently 99 cents but I’m sure it will go much higher before the auction concludes. An unattached front page of the Jan.17, 1947, Examiner recently sold for more than $500.

It’s a bit difficult to determine the precise source, but the clippings include material from various Los Angeles newspapers.

And no, there don’t appear to be any crime scene photos or body shots, which I’m sure will be a disappointment to the ghouls who collect these things as if they are baseball cards.

Some clippings are from the Examiner.


Some are from the Daily News.


And still others are from the Mirror News (notice the Black Dahlia installment of the “Someone Knows” series on unsolved Los Angeles crimes).


There are also news photos of Elizabeth Short’s father, Cleo, left, and LAPD Det. Jack Donahoe, right.


There are also photos of the crackpot mail; images that are already online at the Los Angeles Public Library.


There’s a copy of the 1948 True Detective magazine with an early article about the case. And some claptrap about Eliot Ness and the Cleveland Torso Murders.

After years of researching the case, there is virtually nothing here that I don’t already have, so I don’t plan to bid on this lot, especially because it’s apt to go for a lot of money. As with anything on EBay, the items and vendor should be evaluated thoroughly before submitting a bid.


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One Response to Black Dahlia: Photos and Newspaper Clippings on EBay

  1. james says:

    If you put all this stuff in order it would make a nice book.


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