1944 in Print — Hollywood by Sidney Skolsky, April 25, 1944

April 25, 1944

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. April 25 — Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon have just finished doing a scene for “Mrs. Parkington,” and watching them on the set with me is Robert Thoeren, who co-authored the screenplay with Polly James. Pidgeon walks over and says, “Robert I have a T.L. for you.”

And Pidgeon goes on: “I have been in this business of making faces for some time, and most of the scenarios that are handed to me give me a great feeling of security.”

“How’s that?” asked Thoeren.

“Well,” continued Pidgeon, “most of the scripts are junk. And I have decided that when I get too old to be a lover in pictures, I’ll become a screenwriter.”

Thoeren merely smiled.

“Before reading a scenario,” continued Pidgeon, “I always give it to Mrs. Pidge to read first. I like to hear what she has to say. Well, I gave her your script and after reading it, she returned it to me, saying ‘Read this, and then tell me if you feel secure for your old age.’ ”

From the Miami News.


April 25, 1944, Sidney Skolsky

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