1970s VHS Nostalgia — ‘Saturday Night Live,’ 1978

Saturday Night Live, 1978

I recently watched an episode of “Saturday Night Live” (guest star Jill Clayburgh) that I taped in 1978, and I found rather sad. Out of the four people in this skit, only Bill Murray is still alive. John Belushi, Clayburgh and Gilda Radner are all long gone.

And then there’s this:

'Saturday Night Live'

'Saturday Night Live'

Belushi gets a fix from Jane Curtin in a satiric ad for “Nutrifix.”

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5 Responses to 1970s VHS Nostalgia — ‘Saturday Night Live,’ 1978

  1. Dan says:

    The Nutrifix sketch speaks volumes about our schizophrenic relationship with drugs, celebrity, cultural “norms”, and being oh-so cool with stuff that you are supposed to be cool about. But Heaven forbid we should ever Judge anybody’s behavior, unless they are the celebrity whippingboy or girl of the moment…


  2. Eve says:

    I feel the same way when I see old Gilda Radner and Madeline Kahn sketches on SNL–two deaths that just really, REALLY piss me off. I cannot watch the “La Dolce Gilda” short film without getting all teary.

    By the way, I spent a day with Jill Clayburgh and her family, interviewing her for a magazine, about 20 years ago,. She was incredibly nice, and did not give me one single interesting quote.


    • Pat in Michigan says:

      Eve, you make me giggle.
      On Gilda- one of the first songs I taught my children was “Let’s Talk Dirty to the Animals”. It was the 80’s, and perhaps I was lacking some parenting skills. Nonetheless, both of my sons turned out fine, and both still know that song by heart.


  3. Benito says:

    POLICE SQUAD, a short lived TV series associated with The Naked Gun production team, shot each episode showing a different celebrity dying at the start. John Belushi was one of the “dead” celebrities, and at his suggestion, he was shown dead with a needle in his arm. He died before it aired and it was not shown. Allegedly, the footage is lost. Source? The book BELUSHI, by his widow. DON’T USE NEEDLES, KIDS! That’s how we survived the 1970s.


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