1944 in Print — Hollywood by Sidney Skolsky, April 1, 1944

April 1, 1944, Sidney Skolsky

April 1, 1944

Meet Sidney Skolsky (d. 1983), a Hollywood-based gossip columnist. Let’s give him a month and see if he’s a keeper.

HOLLYWOOD, April 1 — It doesn’t matter who your favorite movie critic is, you can’t ignore those exhibitors who write their own reviews in the Motion Picture Herald. After a while, they’ll become your favorites, also, for they don’t pull their punches and are humorous sometimes without intent.

Exhibitor F.A. Falle of Ont., Canada writes about “Higher and Higher”:

“The airwomen were out in force, they feigned swoons, clapped and tried to give the impression that they were really enjoying it. The airmen were silent. Generally, the show was not as good as expected.”

And about Red Skelton in “Whistling in Brooklyn”:

“Of course the public will come if there is a chance that they will get some laughs, which is what they expect of this supposed comedian. He clowns, but my audience did not seem to think it was funny by the silence that was apparent when the laughs were supposed to come; that is the reception it received. He has no original line and frankly I don’t see how he gets by, and neither do most of my audience from the chill that it got.”

From the Miami News.

April 1, 1944, Sidney Skolsky


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2 Responses to 1944 in Print — Hollywood by Sidney Skolsky, April 1, 1944

  1. Benito says:

    You have found a source of “box office poison” reputations. Exhibitor comments are in the trade papers, but I’m surprised to see them verbatim in the dailies of the forties.


  2. JAMES says:



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