1944 in Print — Hollywood Gossip by Louella Parsons, March 25, 1944

March 25, 1944, Louella Parsons

March 25, 1944

HOLLYWOOD, March 24 — The ink was hardly dry on the galley proofs of Mrs. Irving Berlin’s book “The Land I Have Chosen” when Jack Warner bought it. Ellin wrote the book, a story of the American way of living and the importance of sound democracy after the war, while Irving was in England with “This Is the Army.” Doubleday-Doran plans to bring the book out May 19. There is a strong possibility Ellin will come here to work on her story, but that depends on whether Irving again goes overseas.

Jack says there are two strong women characters, and these two roles will probably go to Ida Lupino and Barbara Stanwyck. At the time Ellin married Irving the newspapers were full of the romantic story of the heiress and the songwriter who got his start in life on the East Side. Her father was bitterly opposed to the match. But he couldn’t intimate that Irving was interested in the Clarence Mackay fortune for Irving said he could give his bride a million dollars if she wanted it.

From the Milwaukee Sentinel.

March 25, 1944, Louella Parsons

March 25, 1944, Louella Parsons

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