1944 in Print — Hollywood Gossip by Louella Parsons, March 20, 1944


March 20, 1944

HOLLYWOOD, March 19 — Well, it looks like the diaper-washing days of Mr. and Mrs. Phil Terry (also known as Joan Crawford) are over for good or at least for a long time. The Terrys, who have been taking their time about movie jobs, are going back to work. Joan, as we told you, does “Mildred Pearce” for Warners and over the weekend Phil signed for the role opposite Anne Shirley in “Here Comes the Bride” at RKO.

What’s more, the studio is taking an option on Terry, and he may remain on that lot. In addition to Anne and Phil, “Here Comes the Bride” also has Jane Darwell, just back from Broadway and a fling on the stage in “Suds in Your Eye” in the cast. A word about the title — Para had “Here Comes the Bride” tied up, but RKO hopes to clear the title.

SNAPSHOTS OF HOLLYWOOD COLLECTED AT RANDOM: Carole Landis cooked dinner for her bridegroom, Capt. Wallace, Friday night.

From the Milwaukee Sentinel.

March 20, 1944, Louella Parsons

March 20, 1944, Louella Parsons

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