1944 in Print — ‘Walter Winchell on Broadway,’ Feb. 26, 1944

Fb. 26, 1944, Walter Winchell

Feb. 26, 1944

To a Titian-Haired Bride

On Monday, Rep Rankin inserted into the Congressional Record his daily diatribe against this columnist… Rep. Adolph Sabath (Ill.) made reply to the honorable gentleman from Mississippi as follows in part:

”A few days ago the gentleman from Mississippi (Mr. Rankin) assailed Walter Winchell … and charged that he was causing a tremendous amount of harm … I do not know Winchell personally, but I do hear him at times and I have not heard him say anything that could be construed as unpatriotic but, on the contrary, he has always counseled patriotism and devotion to American ideals and, in that connection, has called attention to many persons who have been indicted and convicted of making subversive and seditious statements and for unlawful activities… Unfortunately, several weeks ago, he used the expression ‘House of Reprehensibles,’ which I regret, but it was intended in a facetious vein and and undoubtedly he had reference to those few members who have been continuously vilifying him….

From the St. Petersburg Times.

Fb. 26, 1944, Walter Winchell

Fb. 26, 1944, Walter Winchell

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