1944 in Print — ‘Walter Winchell on Broadway,’ Feb. 18, 1944


Feb. 18, 1944

Tales of the Town

Robert Ripley’s exploiter reports that Ripley is the researcher on it … That Herr Goering’s first name, Herman, came from a Jewish doctor, Herman Eppstein, of Tyrol, Austria … Goering’s father was governor of German East Africa. A widower, who couldn’t take along his infant son ā€” so he boarded him with Dr. Eppstein … The physician raised the boy ā€” sent him through school in Bavaria and paid the tuition until he graduated as a lieutenant … Dr. Eppstein passed on in 1935 … No. 2 Nazi Goering attended the funeral … When he entered the synagogue, he paused at the door and asked if he should wear or remove his hat.

Be sure to read Winchell’s story about an antique dealer’s “lucky candlesticks.”

From the St. Petersburg Times.

Feb. 18, 1944, Walter Winchell

Feb. 18, 1944, Walter Winchell

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  1. In 1943 “The New Yorker” magazine did a fascinating article on the Lonergan case. There’s also the book “A Chair For Wayne Lonergan.” An amazing case!


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