Black Dahlia: ‘I Killed the Black Dahlia’

I Killed the Black Dahlia

Just when I thought I had seen every sort of lunacy that’s possible about the Black Dahlia case, I found this in my local paper yesterday. Did someone finally confess to the “grusome” murder? Look! It’s a saga of “explotation!” With cover art swiped from the James Ellroy novel.


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13 Responses to Black Dahlia: ‘I Killed the Black Dahlia’

  1. Eve says:

    Wait, the telephone killed her? I’ve never liked those things, now I am going to view my “smart phone” with particular suspicion.


  2. JAMES says:

    So who’s confessing this time?


  3. Mary Mallory says:

    You should see if this person has swiped anything from you, and sue them for copyright infringement. Can’t even spell, and yet we’re supposed to believe this person is an incredible researcher who’s found something no one else has? Someone who lives in fairy land.


  4. cathsparks says:

    Statistically speaking, isn’t it rather a slim chance that the perp is still this side of the grave? If the murderer was a legal adult, at the time of the killing, he or she would have been born in ’29 or earlier. Maybe this person discerned the killer’s true identity while playing a game of “Telephone”? Was a closet not available for “7 Minutes In Heaven”?


  5. cathsparks says:

    Hmmm. Just read the 1st 3 chapters free on Amazon. Really wish I could get that 10 minutes back. He weaves a tale of explicit tranny fantasy, bad prose, & laughable credibility. But he isn’t Team Hodel, or other prominent suspects. Nope. The paperboy did it!


    • eve says:

      Please don’t use “tranny,” unless you are quoting from the book, it is really not a nice word.


      • cathsparks says:

        I’m so sorry, Eve, to have been offensive. I should have put that term in quotes, to make it clear that transgender orientation was being used to sensational effect in this book, but I absolutely missed the mark in clarifying that impression I was left with, from chapter one of the book. Having friends in the LGBTIQ community, I never want to hurt others with my word choices, & am grateful to you for correcting me. I hope you can forgive my error in judgment, & accept my apology. Some of my friends continue to use that term, & the older, more pejorative, “drag queen” in referencing themselves or friends, but going forward, I’m going to stick with the respectful term, transgender. Again, I hope you can forgive this transgression. Thank you for speaking up, & speaking out, for a much-maligned community.


      • eve says:

        Oh, heavens, cathsparks, no harm done, I felt kind high-horse-ish even saying anything!


  6. Lee Rivas says:

    “Theory Solves”? Is that not an oxymoron?


  7. Lee Rivas says:

    Sex, Violence and “Explotation”? Fire the proofreader!!


    • cathsparks says:

      If you force feed yourself the 3 free sample chapters, you’ll want the (apparently non-existent) proofreader fired *upon*. The lack of proofing & editing in what I saw has got to be a capital crime!


  8. Lee Rivas says:

    “Grusome” Murders? I give up…..


  9. Earl Boebert says:

    Sturgeon’s Law validated again 😦


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