L.A. Daily Mirror Reader Survey — Part 1

L.A. Daily Mirror Reader Survey

Last month, the Daily Mirror polled readers for the first time. The responses were gratifying (thank you) and interesting. Of course, this is an opt-in poll, so it’s not as reliable as one of the more formal, scientific polls, but it’s interesting even so.

Today, I’ll explore who reads the Daily Mirror … and who doesn’t.

As you can see, we’re big on Baby Boomers. Most readers were born in the Eisenhower era (1953-1961), followed by the Truman years (1945-1953) and then the FDR administration (1933-1945). Significantly, there’s nobody older than 80 (FDR took office in 1933) or younger than their mid-20s, as reflected by the lone Reagan (1981-1989) baby in the crowd. It’s also interesting to note that there are more Truman babies than JFK (1961-1963) babies plus the LBJ generation (1963-1969).  I expected the audience to skew older because of the subject matter, but I had hoped to have more younger readers who are interested in Los Angeles history/film history.

L.A. Daily Mirror Reader Survey
Most L.A. Daily Mirror readers live here, either in the Southern California area (25%) or elsewhere in the state (25%). I was a bit disappointed to see that there isn’t a single reader in the hipsterville produced by the downtown Los Angeles renaissance. I somewhat expected that because I write about the city’s historic core, I might attract readers who live there. Apparently not.

For purposes of the survey, I broke the country into fairly large areas. A more “granular” analysis shows that after California, the remaining top 10 states are New Jersey, Arizona, Washington, Texas, New York, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Florida and  Ohio. It’s a bit odd to have more readers in New Jersey than New York, but so it goes.  The Daily Mirror also has some overseas readers, with responses from Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Serbia, Singapore, Israel, Australia, Canada and Japan.

To be continued.


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One Response to L.A. Daily Mirror Reader Survey — Part 1

  1. aryedirect says:

    All cognoscenti, to be sure. Or the brain addled. Not saying which group I belong to…


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