Christmas With a P-40 Squadron, 1943

Dec. 27, 1943, Nazi Battleship Sunk


Dec. 27, 1943: The British sink the Nazi battleship Scharnhorst off the coast of Norway. With the loss of the Scharnhorst, and the sinking of the Bismarck in 1941, the Nazis were left with the Tirpitz, the sister ship of the Bismarck, and the Gneisenau, the Scharnhorst’s sister ship. The Gneisenau was badly damaged in a 1942 bombing raid while in dry dock and scuttled in 1945. The Tirpitz was hit by “midget submarines” and after continuing attempts was destroyed in 1944.

Tom Treanor, who will be killed in a jeep accident during the liberation of France, writes of spending Christmas Eve with a P-40 squadron in Italy. The fliers have made themselves comfortable after previous hardships. “No use making war tougher than it already is,” Treanor says.

Dec. 27, 1943, Christmas With a P-40 Squadron

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  1. Benito says:

    Milo Minderbinder [obscure Catch 22 reference] was real!


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