Mitchell Leisen — ‘Lioness’ Tamer

Nov. 28, 1943, Comics

Nov. 28, 1943:  Rumors of what will be known as the Tehran Conference (Nov. 28-Dec. 1, 1943) of Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin.

Opening soon: “In Old Oklahoma,” starring John Wayne, Martha Scott and Albert Dekker, at the Paramount, Hollywood and downtown.

Marine Maj. Henry Pearson “Jim” Crowe of Boston and Los Angeles uses a double-barreled shotgun during fighting on Tarawa.

Film director Mitchell Leisen “has a special way with the ladies,” Hedda Hopper writes.

Nov. 28, 1943, Tehran Conference

Nov. 28, 1943, In Old Oklahoma

Nov. 28, 1943, Tarawa

Nov. 28, 1943, Tarawa

Nov. 28, 1943, Hedda Hopper

Nov. 28, 1943, Hedda Hopper

Nov. 28, 1943, Hedda Hopper

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2 Responses to Mitchell Leisen — ‘Lioness’ Tamer

  1. aryedirect says:

    It was always unfair to call George Cukor ‘a woman’s director’ (which was a coded message about his being gay). Cukor was a master of his craft crossing many different genres with both strength and elegance. Mitch Leisen was Paramount’s reliable, but somewhat staid, utility director. Hopper and Parsons could be downright silly sometimes. As well as mean spirited.


  2. Ginger Rogers was down right miserable during the filming of Lady In The Dark. She said Leisen was more concerned with the set decorations and costume designs than in Directing. She was happy to leave it all behind at wrap up.


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