Captured Through Witzel’s Lens

Bebe Daniels

Leopard Woman Seena Owen

A couple of Witzel photos have turned up on EBay. As you may recall from Mary Mallory’s recent post, Witzel was one of the leading portrait studios in early 20th century Los Angeles and took many movie publicity photos.

At the top is a Witzel portrait of Bebe Daniels that was apparently inscribed by her. On the lower left, we have an unidentified woman in a fetching leopard-skin outfit and on the lower right we have actress Seena Owen.

The photos of Daniels and Owen are offered by the same vendor, while the leopard woman is offered by another seller. The Daniels photo is priced at Buy It Now for $320; the leopard-skin lady is Buy It Now for $19.95; and the Seena Owen photo is Buy It Now for $275.

As with anything on EBay, an item and vendor should be evaluated thoroughly before submitting a bid, especially when any serious money is involved.

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