American Troops Enter Bomb-Shattered Naples

Oct. 4, 1943, Comics

Oct. 4, 1943: Tom Treanor, who will be killed in a Jeep accident in France, writes about the liberation of Naples.

“The Germans left Naples in a truly deplorable condition. In a huge hospital for incurables I myself saw 70 rotting corpses of men, women and children. They were killed in street fighting during the past week and authorities were unable to move their bodies because of the lack of transportation. Sprawled on stretchers, in coffins, on tables and on floors in a great dim-lighted chamber, their naked wounds showing, they made a ghoulish scene unparalleled by any on any battlefield I have seen.

The Los Angeles Public Library celebrates Newspaper Week with a display of historic papers, including a 1918 edition of The Times on the armistice ending World War I.

Kattie Brady, 75, dies after being badly beaten in an alley at 210 W. 5th St. on her way home from St. Vibiana’s.

Charlie Chaplin’s sound stage is being used for some scenes of Columbia’s “Curly,” the first time a company other than Chaplin’s has used its sound stage, Edwin Schallert writes.

Oct. 4, 1943, War Map

Oct. 4, 1943, Tom Treanor
Oct. 4, 1943, Naples Liberated

Oct. 4, 1943, Newspaper Week

Oct. 4, 1943, Newspaper Week

Oct. 4, 1943, Beating

Oct. 4, 1943, Chaplin Sound Stage

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  1. aryedirect says:

    A decade later, due to a fear driven government action that banned Chaplin from America, the Chaplin Studios would be turned into a rental facility, then change hands many times. The master filmmaker would not be allowed back for another twenty years.


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