Pan-Pacific Auditorium — Hollywood Magic

Johnny Eager

I was watching “Johnny Eager” the other night and spotted this. Did they actually use the Pan-Pacific Auditorium?


No… A comparison with this Library of Congress photo shows it was just Hollywood magic.

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2 Responses to Pan-Pacific Auditorium — Hollywood Magic

  1. Cal and Lulu says:

    As a young boy growing up in WLA, this was the place we went to see a lot of exciting attractions.
    The Sportsman show, The Ice Follies, The L.A. Rangers, L.A.’s Ice Hockey.
    the Pan Pacific is situated in a once vital complex that included Gilmore Stadium, (CBS Television occupies that space now) ,where the Midget Racers raced every Friday night. The AKC held their annual Dog Show at the Gilmore Stadium for a few years. Next door, just south of the stadium was The Farmers market, which still stands today. The Gilmore Baseball Park where the “Hollywood Stars” minor league baseball team played. (The “Stars” were a farm club for the Pittsburgh Pirates.)


  2. Benito says:

    Xanadu [1980], a roller disco fiasco starring Olivia Newton John and Gene Kelly, was filmed there too.


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