Dead Man’s Burden: Clare Bowen and the Left-Handed Gun


When I saw Philip DeJong’s photograph of Clare Bowen, I assumed it was a mistake because her left hand is on the trigger and her right hand is supporting the stock. But no. She is apparently left-handed.


For comparison, here is an unidentified African American Civil War soldier holding a similar rifle, obviously right-handed. (Right hand on the trigger, left hand supporting the stock).


But the poster for “Dead Man’s Burden” shows her holding the rifle left-handed. Notice that the hammer is on the right side of the rifle. This will be important later.

She also holds a pistol left-handed.


Because here’s an image from the trailer. Notice that the hammer has jumped to the left side of the rifle.


Oh dear! The image is flopped!


And she is actually holding the rifle like this.

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