Earl Carroll’s Nightclub

Movie stars’ signatures in concrete on the exterior of Earl Carroll’s nightclub.


I am occasionally asked what became of the concrete tablets with movie stars’ names that were installed on the old Earl Carroll nightclub. Some of The Times stories say they were saved in hopes of reinstalling them. This one appears to have gotten away.

A vendor on EBay is listing a concrete tablet inscribed – presumably by Cary Grant – that was hung on the wall of Carroll’s nightclub. Bidding on this item starts at $5,000.

Speaking of Earl Carroll, Mary Mallory will be writing about him in Monday’s Hollywood Heights, so be sure to come back then!

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1 Response to Earl Carroll’s Nightclub

  1. Sybil S. says:

    Many of the plaques, including “Through these portals pas the most beautiful women” ended up at the Variety Arts Theater, which was run by the Larsens of the Magic Castle. This was in the 80s.


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