Black Dahlia: The Non-Smoking Gun – George Hodel Files Part 5


Feb. 22, 1950: Back for more, eh? Well you won’t be disappointed, because today the Evil Genius bops the maid, but only after she begs him for a little. Yes, really! Who does he think he is, Arnold Schwarzenegger?

The George Hodel files Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

2:35 a.m. deep breathing. 2:40, Ellen says she wants to go now.

2:45: Definite sounds of climax of intercourse. Hodel sighs loudly and passionately.

Ellen wants him to stay with her all night. She begs him. He says no, he is tired.

Oh you Evil, Evil Genius, you won’t even spend the night with the maid!

Hodel — There must be something.
Ellen — There isn’t anything.
Hodel — I’m pretty sure there is something.

Sullivan? Be polite, be very nice but say you can’t tell em a thing without your lawyer’s advice. O.K.


Hodel yelled: Is that door locked. Maid answered, “No do you want to come in.” Hodel said “No.” Maid said, “Why did you want to know” (no answer).



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