C.C. Pierce — Found on EBay


A vendor has listed a good number of C.C. Pierce photos on EBay. As I have written before, Pierce was a prolific photographer who added work by other photographers to his own collection. What I find particularly interesting about them is his notations on the back. Bidding starts at $2.50.

(All the Pierce photos have been scanned and are online at USC. This one is No. 6342)

This one says:


The Cahuenga Valley Ry which operated from Temple and Hoover to Hollywood and Laurel Canyon during the years of 1884 to 1889. It look as if the passengers were riding backwards but this is a mistake. The railway not having a turntable at the end of the line the one car and locomotive operated backward all the way to Los Angeles. The picture was taken at Western and Hollywood Blvd., which at that time was called Prospect Ave. This corner has changed considerable since then.

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