Stripper Discharged From Waacs Was Out of Uniform – and Everything Else

Dec. 15, 1942, Comics

Dec. 15, 1942: Some restaurants close for lack of butter, meat and sugar due to wartime food rationing. And people rush to the Pike amusement park in Long Beach after rumors that it had plenty of hamburger, which is scarce throughout Southern California, The Times says.

“Everywhere else were empty meat counters, ghostlike with long rows of clean white trays. Everywhere were empty egg crates and dwindling if not totally depleted stocks of margarine, favorite substitute for the vanishing butter,” The Times says.

Tom Treanor, who was killed covering the liberation of France, writes about a factory in Eritrea.

The Board of Water and Power commissioners calls for the removal of “alien-born and any disloyal American-born Japanese” from Manzanar after a riot at the camp, citing fears of sabotage of the nearby Owens River Aqueduct.

Mrs. Ruth Flower, 23, and Mrs. Myrtle Cannon, 19, are in custody after stowing away on a merchant ship departing from San Pedro. The Times was puzzled as to how the women evaded Pinkerton guards on the dock, Navy security patrols, the Coast Guard and what it called the State Guard.

Kathryn Doris Gregory, a stripteuse who performs as Amber d’Georg, is out of the Waacs for going AWOL.  The former chorus girl reported for training, then disappeared and was arrested after performing in a Thanksgiving matinee in Des Moines.

Dec. 15, 1942, Stripping Waac

Dec. 1, 1942, Tom Treanor

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1 Response to Stripper Discharged From Waacs Was Out of Uniform – and Everything Else

  1. Rotter says:

    Amber d’Georg made it into the Dec. 28th, 1942 issue of Life magazine.


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