Errol Flynn Set for Trial in Sex With Underage Girls

British Smash Axis Tank Forces

Nov. 7, 1942, comics
Nov. 7, 1942: Pursuing British mobile forces, equipped with big American-made Gen. Sherman tanks, have overtaken some of the remnants of Marshal Erwin Rommel’s Afrika Korps in the Matruh region of Western Egypt “and are steadily chopping them to pieces,” front dispatches said early today, The Times says.

Errol Flynn is ordered to stand trial Nov. 23 on charges of “criminally attacking” two underage girls. Betty Hansen, 17, accuses the actor of “molesting her” during a Sept. 27 dinner party. while Peggy LaRue Satterlee, who was 15 at the time, says Flynn “twice attacked her” on a cruise to Santa Catalina Island aboard his yacht, the Sirocco.

Photographer Peter Stackpole testified that he took pictures of Flynn and Saterlee and that the actor talked about captioning one photo of Saterlee: “$5,000.”

Stackpole also said he took Saterlee home and that “she appeared ill at ease and cried most of the way home. She talked a lot but it didn’t seem to make much sense. She was very emotional and upset.”

Flynn, who is being represented by Jerry Giesler, says that he will be vindicated when he tells his side of the story.

Nov. 7, 1942, Errol Flynn

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