Reading Los Angeles: Glen Creason

Pagan, Murder at the Sleepy Lagoon
Photo: “Murder at the Sleepy Lagoon” by Eduardo Obregón Pagán.

In interviewing Los Angeles Public Library map librarian Glen Creason, I asked about his favorite books on Los Angeles. There wasn’t space to include the list with the story, but here it is:

Richard Beverage,  “The Los Angeles Angels of the Pacific Coast League”

Lynn Bowman, “Los Angeles Epic of a City”

Bette Yarbrough  Cox,  “Central Avenue”

Spencer Crump, “Ride the Big Red Cars”

William Deverell, “Whitewashed Adobe”

William Estrada, “The Los Angeles Plaza: Sacred and Contested Space”

Blake Gumprecht,  “The Los Angeles River”

Neal Harlow,  “Maps and Surveys of the Pueblo Lands”

Jim Heimann,  “Out With the Stars”

Bruce Henstell,  “Sunshine and Wealth”

Jack Lait, “U.S.A. Confidential”

Rosemary Lord, “Los Angeles Then and Now”

Carey McWilliams,  “Southern California: An Island on the Land’

Eduardo Obregón Pagán, “Murder at the Sleepy Lagoon”

Cecilia Rasmussen,  “Curbside L.A.”

W.W. Robinson, “Maps of Los Angeles”

Kevin Roderick,  “The San Fernando Valley”

Anna Sklar,  “Brown Acres”

David Ulin, “Writing Los Angeles”

David Ulin, Jim Heimann and Kevin Starr, “Los Angeles: A Portrait of a City”

D.J. Waldie,  “Where We Are Now”

Mark Wanamaker,  “Hollywood 1940-2008”

Gregory Paul Williams, “The Story of Hollywood”

Works Progress Administration, “Guide to Los Angeles”

Tom Zimmerman, “Paradise Promoted”

Love Raymond Chandler LA based stuff

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1 Response to Reading Los Angeles: Glen Creason

  1. LC says:

    Mr. H.,
    I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading your article on Mr. Creason, it made me realize what a gold mine that the L.A. Public Library must be and it occurred to me that I don’t think that I have ever been there, which it unbelievable because I have lived in L.A. my whole life.


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