America Losing War, Navy Official Says

Sept. 25, 1942, Comics

Sept. 25, 1942, U.S. Losing War!

Sept. 25, 1942: Assistant Secretary of the Navy Ralph Bard says that America is losing the war because it has been blinded by “an insufferable and materialistic pride,” a feeling that prevents Americans from realizing the “desperate fury” of Nazi Germany’s fight.

And in a particularly insightful point, the story notes:

“Bard said Americans hope to enlist the support of ‘the masses of Latin America and our own Negroes’ without having to do very much about the economic problems of either and also hope that ‘the Russians will whip the Nazi but not be too unreasonable about spreading their uncomfortable doctrines outside Russia.’ ”

In a chilling foreshadowing of the blacklist, Edwin Schallert notes several Russian-themed movies are in the works, notably “Mission to Moscow.”

Sept. 25, 1942, Mission to Moscow

Sept. 25, 1942, U.S. Losing War!

Sept. 25, 1942, U.S. Losing War

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1 Response to America Losing War, Navy Official Says

  1. Benito says:

    He was right. In 1942 Nazi subs sank our supply ships faster than we could build and send them to the UK. I know because I personally defended asbestos manufacturers in California courts decades later. In the Pacific, the U.S. victory at Midway was the turning point…not that anyone knows or cares today. But they should know that in war games conducted at the U.S. Naval Academy, the Japanese ALWAYS win at Midway.


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