Eve Golden / Queen of the Dead: The Saddest Credit in the World

The Saddest Credit in the World

I had to look up scenes from a 1945 B-film called Radio Stars on Parade at work, and I noticed poor Jack Grey not just billed as Rear End of Horse, but Rear End of Horse (scenes deleted), which is the most pathetic thing I have ever read.

Plus, that was his last film: after 20 years, it was the point where his horse’s ass scene hit the cutting room floor that Jack Grey realized it was time to hang it up. He’d been in movies since the 1910s, and had played such diverse and memorable roles as Detective (Beast of the City), Bank Guard (Skyscraper Souls), Townsman (Fury), Courtesan (Marie Antoinette—do you suppose IMDB knows what a Courtesan is?), and Reporter (Mexican Spitfire’s Baby). Then came the heartbreaking debacle of Rear End of Horse, and it was all over for Jack Grey. What did he do for the remaining eleven years of his life? My next bio may be Horse’s Ass (Deleted): The Jack Grey Story.

Do you suppose Jack Grey took his wife and kids to see Radio Stars on Parade? “This is finally Daddy’s big break—oh, no, where’s my scene?” Then back—silent in the car the whole way—as Jack Grey realized it was Just Not Going to Happen for him, he would never be the next Bill Frawley.

And Charlie Hall, the sonofabitch who played the front end of the horse? He went on to act for another ten years, including a prime job as Man With Pool Cue on Alfred Hitchcock Presents. I’ll bet Jack Grey went to his death cursing the name of Charlie Hall. “Man With Pool Cue? I could have acted the hell out of that.”

—Eve Golden

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14 Responses to Eve Golden / Queen of the Dead: The Saddest Credit in the World

  1. mark says:

    And he could never have imagined that he’d be celebrated across several continents for his deleted horse’s ass performance.


  2. Of course, this is THE Charlie Hall, who was known throughout the industry for having a fine head on his shoulders, so Jack couldn’t really take exception with Charlie being up front. Also Charlie was the butt of so many gags in the Laurel and Hardy films that, in a way, he and Jack had that in common. There’s an old-grey-mare joke in here some where but I’ll be darned if I can weasel it out.


  3. keith greene says:

    Can’t wait to read Horse’s Ass (Deleted): The Jack Grey Story. Sounds like quite a story.


  4. LC says:

    Thanks, that was fun. I just love “man/woman in crowd” stories.


    • Eve says:

      It’s always so sad when you see someone whose credits are all “Pudgy Girl,” “Fat Lady,” “Large Lady in Crowd,” “Fat Customer,” “Chubby Waitress.”


  5. Sampiro says:

    I’m still working on Courtesan. I wonder if they meant ‘Court-ier’ instead. If not, he was indeed versatile.
    And why can’t I shake the image of William Frawley as a French courtesan?


  6. Benito says:

    Other great screen credits: moth wrangler, in The Silence Of The Lambs [any animal handler is a wrangler]; donkey fluffer, in a silly comedy I forgot…


  7. dewey webb says:

    King of “credit-where-credit-is-due” department has to be Russ Meyer. Included in endless cast crawl for his 1970 epic Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls are performers who portrayed Rotund Drunk, Man With Glasses, Fourth Woman (Pam Grier–who apparently was left on cutting room floor!) , Man In Flowered Pants and Third Gay Man (not to be confused with Gay Boy or Man In Tub.).

    Subject for future research: When did this seismic shift happen? SAG intervention? Following memorable role in Gone With The Wind, Butterfly McQueen was not even listed onscreen for sizable supporting role in Mildred Pierce six years later.


  8. jeff says:

    No, that’s not the saddest credit. At least it’s not the saddest IMDB listing. The latter is:
    ..one Anne Sellors, whose sole credit is from the1984 laff-riot nuclear holocaust comedy “Threads,” (a/k/a “Carry on Dying”) in which she plays “Woman Who Wets Herself (uncredited).” If you’ve seen it, you know exactly who she is.


  9. dewey webb says:

    Since most of these arcane credits never appeared onscreen, just how does imdb get them? Presumably they are buried in studio files somewhere but who has access to them and who posts them online? And how reliable are they?


  10. Mete Sarabi says:

    Jane Barnes FIRST role playing herself as as the “star” of “Hollywood Extra”…after that…it was a slippery slide down the Hollywood hill… http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0055638/ …but she WAS an unbilled extra in “A Star is Born”.


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