Angelina and Her Neighbors, Part 3

This is the third installment of Eve Golden’s cemetery photos.

Angelina and Her Neighbors, Part 1 | Part 2

Thomas 1914 1931_crop Theresa 1905 1929_crop
Salvatore 1891 1938_crop Salvatore 1879  1932_crop
Petrina 1867 1938_crop P Morgano 1904 1930_crop
Rosalia 1883 1964_crop Nancy 1921 1982_crop

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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3 Responses to Angelina and Her Neighbors, Part 3

  1. Carol Gwenn says:

    Am really loving the graveyard photos. As a small child (in the Dark Ages, kids!) I loved wandering through the old graveyards in New Jersey where various relations were planted. The monuments, the inscriptions and yes, those photos, were the most amazing things to me. These posts brought back a flood of really good memories, so thank you, Eve Golden! Queen of the Dead – yes indeed.


  2. Eve says:

    Thank you! As I cut through the graveyard today on my way back from the grocery store, I felt I knew some of these people now: “Hello, Vincenzo! How are you, Angelina? Good morning, vampy-looking P. Morgana!”


  3. CatM says:

    Why don’t these photo EVER ROT? And they don’t fade either! How do they preserve them?


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