Talking About the Onion Field

I was in a video chat yesterday with Joseph Wambaugh and Times City Editor Shelby Grad to talk about the the Onion Field case and the recent death of Gregory Powell.

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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2 Responses to Talking About the Onion Field

  1. Duane Laible says:

    Larry, I saw it, very informative about a tragedy for many family members of the two officers. Speaking of Wambaugh, the Stephanie Lazarus stroy is made for him to write, any plans for him to do so that you know of?


  2. Sam Flowers says:

    Finally got to put a face to the writings of Larry Harnish, nice interview with J.W.. I am sure Powell has palled up with Smith in the Theological Place Of Eternal Punishment. I remember Smith’s first arrest after he was paroled, he was back on Heroin.


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