Movieland Mystery Photo – Sports Edition

June 16, 2012, Mystery Photo

Easy, but a fun picture

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11 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo – Sports Edition

  1. dewey webb says:

    Bobby Grich and fan


  2. Duane Laible says:

    Brian Downinf & Richard Nixon


  3. Bobby Grich douses a delighted Richard Nixon.


  4. Bobby Grich with some out-of-work politician 🙂 Think it’s 1979. As a longtime Angel fan I gotta say Nixon didn’t just show up when they won–he was often at Angel games even when they stunk.


  5. LC says:

    Bobby Grich celebrating the Angels AL West Title in 1979 with Nixon.


  6. Jo Anne says:

    My two favorites the”Cowboy, and Bobo,( Bobby Grich to you)


  7. Ed says:

    Looks like Kirk Gibson and Jerry Dogget


  8. Wayne Selover says:

    That’s Bobby Grich of the Angels pouring beer on Richard Nixon after winning the 1979 Western Division Championship.


  9. Pat in Michigan says:

    Bobby Grich and Richard Nixon, 1979


  10. Earl Boebert says:

    Richard Nixon, Bobby Grich, and a Budweiser.




  11. Winston says:

    Bobby Grich, Richard Nixon, Budweiser and a dry cleaners bill that headed straight to Grich’s accountant 😉


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